Sunday, April 16, 2006

Half The World Away, by Oasis

Paul Weller considers this one the best song written by Noel Gallagher. People who tell me: "How could you possibly like Oasis?" I always answer them: "Listen to their b-sides". This is probably their masterpiece, in terms of what they did for their b-sides. Noel singing his heart out, but in a tender way. The feeling of defeat is present during the entire song. But there is also a little cynicism ("...but I don't feel bad"). So many times have I heard this song and so many times I've nodded, saying: "Yes, I would like to leave this city, this old town don't smell too pretty, 'cause I can feel the warning signs running thru my head". It sounds selfish, abandoning one's problems. But there are some times in which one cannot do anything else for something. Nothing makes sense and it seems like far, far away one will be better. Sometimes I do believe it. Do you?

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Manolo said...

So here I go still scratching around in the same old hole, es enorme, pero ¿qué tal rockin' chair?,
It's hard enough sitting there
Rockin' in your rockin' chair
It's all too much to take
When you're not there,

aunque la que mas me gusta en los lados b es Up in the sky, acustica.