Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ladytron, by Roxy Music

Ladytron, or the art of seduction. One of Brian Ferry's Roxy Music's best-known tracks, this song is the glam-space-age true inheritor of Victorian flare and Romantic megalomaniac melancholy. A science-fiction soundscape, a narrative epic made pop song, full of Celtic pixie-like echoes in the wind instruments (oboe, sax) and marchband grandiosity (the sound of the percussion, at the front, literally), Ladytron is the perfect pop translation of the lover-poet's restless state. A true description of 20th century gallantry and drug-induced amor fou ("Love is the drug", indeed, sought in red-light districts at night). Brian Ferry's voice resonates with the security of an experienced hunter-lover, yet many times hurt, made hard by constant heartache. "In Every Home a Heartache", he would also sing, because the glam rock star-lover's voice knows that even if he may "tame" the lady, he will also, very surely, be forsaken that which he sometime ejoyed. A Sir Thomas Wyatt of the Glitter Seventies, Brian Ferry's Roxy Music persona describes a landscape that is both geographical (urban) and emotional. The in crescendo structure of the song resembles a moon rocket launch, the elevation of love-as-a-drug-induced hallucination. A sentimental traveller's journal entry, Ladytron still sounds like an unparalleled love song for those who still decide to fall, even when knowing that everything, in the end, will fade away.

Crank it up and get high:

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Manolo said...

Gracias Brian Ferry por generar esos sonidos, estructuras y ambientes. Sin el no existirían los grupos de Post-Rock que tanto me gustan.