Saturday, April 21, 2007

Alone In Kyoto, by Air

I barely can begin describing the beauty contained in this song. I barely can begin telling how my skin feels whenever the guitar starts. After Moon Safari and the disapointment that 1000 MHz Legend was, I never thought Air would do anything of interest again. Until Sofia Coppola asked them for a song for the soundtrack of her new flick in 2003.

Waking at dawn. Walking to the bus station. Travelling all the way to the University. Tiny details that flash before your eyes as the song progresses, the sound of the waves mixing up with the sounds of the recently waken city. Cloudy, cold, misty mornings. It reminds me of nothing, the song paints my mind blank and leaves me with a feeling of wanting to seize the 4.47 it lasts, and put them in a frame.


in.a.tryptic.set said...

whenever i travel to a city my soundtrack on the plane is universal traveler and on the ground alone in kyoto.

Ana Teresa said...

Alone in Kyoto is an aubade