Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Punkrocker, by the Teddybears

There are songs that you just have to play again and again. It's as if someone knew the aural story of your life and suddenly came up with the perfect formula that expresses through sound your current state of mind. The Swedish trio the Teddybears have a grindcore past, and equally appreciate metal than reggae, hip hop, electronica or punk. The result is one of the catchiest, sexiest outfits in modern pop music, an experiment that (as in the first video below) proves that respect can be shown to forefathers (asking Iggy Pop to sing their most popular single to date) while also interrogating/frustrating common expectations by collaborating with different singers and MCs from different scenes (as in the second video below, where a female reggae MC does an amazing, hellyeah performance covering up for Iggy Pop of all people). This Phil Spector-baptized band have produced with Punkrocker a song that seems to be possessed by the best of all universes. There is, unavoidably, a sweet melancholy in the arrangements and electronics here, but the energy it sweats will make any dancefloor's ceiling cry with tears of ecstatic teenage angst & passion.

It's only because of songs like this that sometimes I wish I had a car (a black convertible Mustang 74, or a blue Barracuda 67-69, of course), just to crank the volume up and drive fast straight into the horizon, never to come back. Hell yeah.

Punkrocker official video, featuring Iggy Pop.

Punkrocker live in Studio B, Brooklyn, March 2 2007.

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