Monday, March 06, 2006

Kiko And The Lavender Moon, by Los Lobos

Just another band from East LA? No. And this song proves it. I remember when they came to Mexico City in march 2000. My father was a big fan, and when he lived with us he constantly listened to them. One of my first musical memories is him listening to the La Bamba sountrack. Rafa phoned me that same afternoon: "Hey, I got tickets for a concert by a band named Los Lobos later tonight. You know them?" I was shocked and a few minutes later, we were at the Blanquita Theatre, downtown. A half empty auditorium. No more than 600 people. Los Lobos playing rock and roll. Los Lobos playing blues. Los Lobos playing cumbia, "Kiko..." included. A couple dancing in the aisle. A security man telling them not to do it. They do not care at all, and keep doing it. David Hidalgo onstage with his accordion. César Rosas and his eternal sunglasses. Los Lobos playing mexican rancheras. Los Lobos jamming. Rafa tells me: "Where have these guys been all my life?"


Lolabola said...

I love this band too! Although it was because of La Bamba that I avoided them for so long. A little overplayed when that movie came out. But then one day I heard their album "This Time" and decided I needed it. Later I fell in love with the song "El Canoero" by Los Super Seven of which Cesar Rosas and David Hidalgo are a love love this song.

Andrea Catalina Cabrera Luna said...

I saw Los Lobos in Roskilde festival in Denmark, and as I'm Mexican and was away from home I felt really touched by their music. They are absolutely amazing. Pure rock and roll.

Caribou said...

Los conocí por Bef, llevaba un disco doble al trabajo, ¡wow!. Excepto por La Bamba que no es muy de mi agrado, me gustaron un chingo. El año pasado los vi aqui en el salón 21, son mágicos y deliciosos.