Thursday, October 05, 2006

At The River, by Groove Armada

Every once in a while there's a song me and my friends take as a hymn. In the old days of 99-00, Groove Armada was sounding hard with "I See You Baby" and "If Everybody Looked The Same". Somebody (I can't recall exactly who, but most likely it was Rafa) bought the record and in a party this song began to sound. It was near the death of the party, so there probably must have been 3 or 4 people hanging around. I won't say that I fell for it immediatly. I actually hated it. But Rafa kept on telling me: "You'll see that one day Groove Armada will shock the world" (as I've said before he tends to overreact, like when he said that Blind Melon could have been the new Beatles). It never happened. Yes, Groove Armada delivered great records later like Lovebox, but they never caused a revolution. Little by little I began liking this song. There was a point in which I heard it two or three times in a row. Then I couldn't hear it anymore. The other day I was at Rafa's place and "At The River" began. It came back to me. Those days of drinking and smoking as if the world would never end.
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