Sunday, November 26, 2006

We Both Go Down Together, by The Decemberists

There is something about being in love which is so much like being lost at sea. The missed correspondence, the deprivation, the long nights unable to sleep, the sense of being adrift, at the mercy of stronger forces. The sense of a point of departure, an unknown destination and the endlessness of it all. The loneliness of the individual left at his/her own devices; the relationship with nature, the weather, the storm, the salty taste, the hunger, the boredom, the excitement. The sense of needing someone else, the communion with fellow sailors, the storytelling under the stars, the belief in stars and the writing of destiny. The sense of being or wanting to be with someone. Being Lost. Holding hands.

And while the seagulls are crying
We fall but our souls are flying

There is something about falling out of love which is so much like surviving a wreckage. Sometimes you feel like grabbing the other's wrist, the right ankle, forecefully, strongly, leaving red marks around the joints. The sense of being dragged into the bottomless, dark pit. The twirling whirlwind, the inward movement towards the abyss. So aye, darling, let's go, but we both go down together.

The Decemberists, in San Francisco, of all places:

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Clubbies McWorters said...

Excellent writing, I really enjoyed it.

However this song is about jumping off of a cliff, no? Is this, perhaps, even more of an apt metaphor?

Ernesto said...

Yeah, but since they have all this sailor imagery and other songs like For My True Love (Lost at Sea) I thought something like that could be infered as well. And yeah, certainly falling in love does sometime feel like jumping off of a cliff, and falling out of love can feel as that too...

Thanks for visiting and your kind comment!

carax said...

Loved your description of how falling in love feels like, though I have the impression that falling in love also feels like falling in think it's easy to get out of it but something keeps pushing you in.
anyway, great post, and great blog..keep it up.