Monday, December 04, 2006

It Ain't Me, Babe, as performed by Joan Baez

There are many things this song makes me want to say. Maybe it's true and pop music, like poetry and love, is supposed to be experienced, not explained. Sometimes one just feels like shutting up, keeping quiet once and for all and just listen.

That she sings Bob Dylan's song here on her own is quite something. The strength and ultimate sadness that the arrangements and lyrics breath out come to the fore with an unexpected intensity. Is it because of what we know about Baez and Dylan? Yes, and no. Is it because of something internal, structural to Baez's performance? Yes, and no. Maybe it's all about who you are and how you feel about it.

It's after all, as she said it well back then in 1965, a protest song.

The intimate is political, indeed.

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Andrea Catalina Cabrera Luna said...

you made my heart cry...