Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rain, by the Beatles

As a major Beatle fan, it is hard to choose one, only one, favorite song. Since they're my absolute favorite band, this could also be considered my all time favorite song.
A melancholic title for a not so melancholic tune. "If the rain falls, they run and hide their heads", if you've never heard it and you read that line, perhaps you'll think it is a serious song, however I couldn't consider the Beatles a serious group. Yes, they caused a revolution and all that, in that sense they are serious. But have you seen how much fun they always had? Even in Let It Be, with all the tensions within the band, they had a blast. The final lyrical lines in "Rain" are sung backwards because John couldn't place the tape correctly, I mean, is that having fun or what?
I could say that this is an ethereal song for me. I've never really owned it, in a physical sense. It is a b-side ("Paperback Writer" being on the a-side), the only way to get it nowadays is in Past Masters Vol. 2, which I have never bought for some strange reason. I have never downloaded it, I have never downloaded anything by the Beatles, actually. I used to have a copy of the album in cassette, but I played it so many times it spoiled. Everytime I played it I pumped up the volume to the max and imagined I was Ringo beating the shit out of the drums (he actually considers this one as his best performance). Outdoors, oddly enough, the sky was falling down. Indoors, Grandmother used to tell me: "That song again? Play some other things".
Maybe, this is the song I'd like to be played at my funeral.
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Ernesto said...

[...]"Rain is a great Beatles song from a great year in their career, the year that Oasis have been trying to live in for the last ten years, and it's wonderful to listen to a Lennon/McCartney song that hasn't quite had all the pulp sucked from it."

-Nick Hornby

Ernesto Sandoval said...

exacto, recuerdo cuando leí 31 songs, dije: "alguien piensa igual que yo!"