Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ballad of Sister Sue, by Slowdive

He was in a ship. Out the window the sea was emerald green. The ship became a submarine and he thought he could not open the window because all the water and fish of the sea would get in. The submarine/ship swayed as if dancing a waltz. He could not move, but he could listen to music, and knew that some people, above, were having a party. Maybe a New Year's Eve party. The men would be dressed in black suits and the ladies in long silk dresses and high heels. They were dancing to a song he could recognize. He imagined the gentlemen and the ladies dancing close to each other, holding hands. The Now-Ship/Now-Submarine kept dancing away to the beat. The water through the white blinds of his window was now a shade of grey. He could not move as the party went on and the music progressed. He wanted to go to the party upstairs, but he could not move and could not breath and he was thirsty and he felt that if he opened the window all the creatures of the sea would come in and kill them all. Then he woke up and realized it all had been a dream, his room was not a cabin and his building was not a ship nor a submarine, outside his window there was no sea but only the stark darkness of the night. The Ballad of Sister Sue was still playing on the computer, until the sound died in a subtle fade out.

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Una de las Moiras...¿O Gorgona? said...

Don't know Slowdive but I enjoyed very much these words. Let the curiosity be! I like this blog, keep on reading you.
A Christmas Hugh!