Sunday, June 04, 2006

Johnny Cash, by Sons & Daughters

It had been a very long time since any band had made me feel like this.

I remember my classroom in the second floor, being 16 and listening to the Pixies in my walkman. I remember rewinding I've Been Tired again and again, looking at the weekday morning get old as my Geography class started without me. The morning would grow colder as I listened to my taped version of Come On Pilgrim for the upteenth time, while something inside me made me want to jump, get tattooed, make love until I ran out of breath, run under the rain as if there were no tomorrow.

That feeling suddenly came back as I was listening to this song. It's the reference in the title; it's the addictive guitars and the percussive tempo, the male, prayer-like voice in combination with the mixed vocals in the chours. It's this part,

She wrote you a song and you bought a wedding dress
Having handsome bite buxom
Have insured people met
Then sundry and nocturnal
You lay your peace to sleep
With your new loves good fortunes
And secrets safe to keep

that makes me think of Black Francis and Kim Deal's dark, sexy, cryptic, steamy lyrical heritage. It's the kind of piece that makes you stop everything and ask, "hey, what the fuck is that?". I had been listening to mere memories, nostalgic returns to a long-gone era, and, with crack and thunder, this wondrous piece of pop craft appears before me with all the power of a true epiphany.

I wish I had an Impala, flames painted on the sides, to ride into the sunset listening to this, a quarter of bourbon warming my old, scarred heart:

What will await you
Can tether no more
What's shrunken withers
In the path to your door

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