Thursday, June 22, 2006

Neighborhood 3 (Tunnels), by The Arcade Fire

There's one great thing about not being a native english speaker: you get used to having your own version of songs.

Of course, when you're really interested, you browse through the internet to get the lyrics right, but you never forget that first impression, that first image you got .

Whenever I hear "Tunnels", I close my eyes and try to believe I'm part of a science fiction movie.

It's the end of the world. There's snow falling in Africa; frozen cities all over the world.

We're teenagers. We know we're going to die, but we find each other joking on that icy playground: our lost city. I think of you and decide to spend the rest of my short short life next to you.

Then I' ll dig a tunnel, from my window to yours
Yeah, a tunnel, from my window to yours.


Ernesto said...

Bueno, es un discazo o no?

ira said...

Fuuu, y que lo digas, Mr. disco.

Perdón por colgarme de tu anterior post y hablar del mismo grupo, pero tenía que añadir esa sensación de película que no me dejaba vivir.