Thursday, February 15, 2007

For Lovers, by The Wolfman featuring Pete Doherty

After several mezcales on a row, late at night or early in the day (as you wish). There's always that phone call every drunk man makes at least once in a lifetime. I usually don't do this kind of things. But on my road home, this song is being played at a high volume. The headphones are about to explode. The early early morning cold air hitting hard against my face. And when Doherty says: "I forgive you everything"... It is the way he says it. It is what comes next. Let's just run away. Maybe it is the mezcal speaking. I don't know. Maybe tomorrow I won't remember anything. But no. I usually never forget what I do while I'm drunk. Not when one realizes that even Pete Doherty has a little heart. Not after tonight. We'll be perfectly ok, a million miles away. There, in the middle of nowhere we shall begin again. There, in the middle of nowhere.

[EDITOR's NOTE: This was our 200th post...!]

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