Monday, February 05, 2007

Stranger Than Kindness and St. Huck, by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Desire has the effects of drunkenness and drunken desire is desire multiplied. Shakespeare, in that tale of a murderous couple and the death of a king, gave us a drunken soliloquy of how drunkenness and desire relate in sometimes opposing ways. There is indeed a point where the effects of alcohol and the effects of desire conflate in an absolute conspiracy where everything is potency. Everything will be sweat and hair and skin will be sticky and love will be confused with struggle and eventually even sleep will be a battleground. And these songs reflect this stickiness, this darkness of the steamy room, this rarified atmosphere of two consciousnesses and two bodies intertwining each other. Kindness and force confusing each other. The body estranged from itself, a body becoming the other and two bodies becoming one while remaining strange to each other. The strangeness of intimacy: Dream and Life in the total conspiracy of love. The gasp and the scream and the rhythm. The chamber is full of Desire, as strange as it can get, as kind as it can become.

Desire, with a capital D.


Small Ball of Anger said...

That was an extraordinary post!

Thanks Ernesto.

Ernesto said...

Hey, cheers. :)