Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just Like Heaven, by The Cure

It's a song we could have hated when we were young, but that we find ourselves coming back to recently.

Yes, there is a lot to say about this song: the lyrical ballads, the phantom of delight, Hölderlin, the wuthering heights, the raging sea, the ghost bride, the wave of mutilation, Lautréamont, Ophelia, excepto el pececillo.

Yes. But, we said, because this is these bars' first birthday, we would only listen and play music we have recently gotten drunk with.

And when we come back to it, in the after hours, in the wee hours, after closing times, after all the late licences of the world, after the tube is closed and night buses take ages and bus shelters offer no comfort, we come back to it for a single phrase:

Why are you so far away?

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