Monday, May 15, 2006

Barrel of a Gun, by Depeche Mode

It is genuinely scary to feel backed into a corner, with no way out. The lyrics and, especially, the atmospheric music in this song, convey brilliantly the claustrophobic feeling of feeling both helpless to change and unworthy of your responsibilities.

What am I supposed to do
When everything that I’ve done
Is leading me to conclude
I’m not the one

Whatever I’ve done
I’ve been staring down the barrel of a gun

I think I associate this song most with my first year in college, even though it was released while I was still in school. I remember one of my sisters drawing my attention to the lyrics when it was playing in a club and, when I couldn’t really make them out, her writing them on a beer mat, which I think I still have somewhere. There is something about the plaintive appeal of the lyrics and the dismay and frustration in Dave Gahan’s voice that always affects me. Even if I don’t necessarily identify with him, it’s impossible not to believe him.


Ernesto Sandoval said...

yeah! and what about the guitar riff? i just love it.

princess sputnik said...

everything about the song is despair...the voice, the beat, the lyrics...weve all felt like that at some point