Sunday, May 14, 2006

Street Hassle, by Lou Reed

The first time I started listening to classical music I was 16. In those days that was a dull experience: it meant nothing to me.My ears were ready to be smashed at 19. Those were the years for the real experience: I became acquainted with some great interpreters (Brendel, Barenboim, Casals, Kennedy et al) I remember the first time I listened to Bach’s cellos sonatas in Pablos Casals’ version. It was a new universe (particularly the third one): it was quite similar to read Heraclitus' fragments: wisdom was there...

Then Lou Reed came. Street Hassle is a melodic raw epic full of splendour and sadness with the most beautiful cello overture in rock history (name another?) A cello sonata divided into three parts where Reed's voice narrates perversely an epic of drugs, death, sex beyond redemption: a world that burns like hell in 11 minutes epic.

Street Hassle by Lou Reed

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1 comment:

Ernesto said...

Excelente track. Gracias por traerlo de vuelta a la memoria.

Oye, ¿por qué siempre posteas en bold, mijo? No ayuda mucho a la lectura. I've been meaning to tell you...!