Monday, May 15, 2006

Ode to Street Hassle, by Spacemen 3

It was my fortune with grace and equanimity and I discoverered the other side of sound: Spacemen 3.

Sonic Boom and Jason Pierce were the geniuses of this band. Ode to Street Hassle is a song of redemption which is not a epic of death (a la Lou Reed) Jesus is alive and catches the attention to prevent visions which can fetch you with gruesome stories. Jesus is there to prevent the horrors of the original Street Hassle. Hope is discovered in a solitary confinement: it struggles to think about the past, about death, sex and drugs: a glimpse of incomprehensible future.

So I just sat and listened
To what Jesus said to me
‘Cos sometimes you gotta listen, if there's things,
If there's things you just can't see

And while we were out walking
Once again he turned to me
And as I looked into his eyes his thoughts
His thoughts just came to me.

Well some people never listen
You know some people just won't see
But I can see and hear these things
These things have got to be.

Ode to Street Hassle by Spacemen 3

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