Saturday, February 25, 2006

If You're Feeling Sinister, by Belle & Sebastian

You wondered where and I wondered why. How and why and where and when? We wondered together in silence. I grabbed your hand and kissed your lips not knowing where we were going. I took you home that night, in the 77 bus. It felt right since the beginning. We laughed all the way and you asked if I put something in your drink. I never dared doing this before, why am I doing this now?
Questions and more questions came the following days. At the bus stop you said you wanted to love me, you said you were tired of being looking for someone. I sat on your lap as if we were an old couple. We took pictures with your camera and with mine. Mine were all blurred, or maybe we were blurred. What kind of music do you like? I have no idea. What's your name? I can't pronounce it, that vowel does not exist in my language.

Who was following who that night? I'm sure I was shooing you with my kisses all the way. I remember very well. Why did you appear exactly when I was about to kiss that guy who had a girlfriend? You came to me and asked something. Five minutes later we were dancing. Ten minutes later an Haitian was telling us we should love each other forever. Why did you come at the right time?

Have you ever craved for a record? Have you ever felt sinister? Have you ever felt you're no one's cup of tea?

Tell me this is not another dirty weekend. Tell me that you'll stay with me. Tell me what you hear in pop songs. If I'm feeling blue, tell me we can do whatever I want. Tell me things you wouldn't dare say to yourself.

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