Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spanish Bombs, by The Clash

I have never liked the Sex Pistols. For me, this is the song that might as well be considered the peak in punk rock. Apparently anarchic in structure. Bilingual. Fast. Historically conscious. Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, the Lennon-McCartney of punk rock, singing together. It is hard to describe a single song which comes from such a complex album (London Calling, 1980), but I do believe it sums up the feeling in the album. The drums kicking in, a guitar line leading the song. If you don't move your feet while listening to it, something's wrong with you. In its imperfections reside the perfection, for example, the vocal flubs and lack of tempo. Mick Jones trying to follow Joe Strummer during the chorus. The lyrics printed on the booklet say: "Spanish bombs, yo te quiero y finito". I have always preferred: "Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito". And I think that's what they really say. Strummer always (or almost always) wrote songs that made the listener to question him/herself. He made a safe bet in well-built anarchy. And always remember: "Fed'rico Lorca, he ain't gone".


Crispy said...

Ok, I love that song, but I'm afraid it has got nothing to do with it's significance or if it good or not.
Sorry, I know very little about music, but I do know that the one I love gave me that song, and for that, I will always like it.

Tlacuiloco said...

Me tome la libertad de incluir One Hundred Bars en Blog de Blogs

Vicadin said...

The Clash rulz!!!!!!