Thursday, February 16, 2006

Without You I'm Nothing, by Placebo & David Bowie

This is true pain.
The first time I heard this song, I instantly associated it with my First Love, which in that time was creeping through my soul and body.
My First Love came to my life late. I was in my mid eighteenth spring when She stepped (stomped?) into my heart, uninvited, yet her presence came to be a growing necessity to me.
She came to be so important, that I (and I quote myself) told her that I would cut one of my fingers for her; that I would someday kidnapped her (in the romantic sense, of course) and take her away and live happily ever after; that I would let the world burst into flames, if she let me burn with her.
This passion lasted three years. Three years made seem little, but when you are twenty one, three years are an Era.
I never knew what exactly happened.
Why everything went down-hill in matter of days? We had fun, great fun; we share all kind of stuff: feelings, ice creams, dreams, interests, ideas, booze, beers, and so on and on.
What happened?
Probably I will never know.
But I still feel an invisible fist squeezing my spleen whenever and wherever I hear this song; and I hear her laughing and giggling; I see her wearing sweaters, shirts, skirts and trousers; I watch her walking, running, crying and smiling.
This song represents the time in my life that meant suffering, crying, and wondering; but it also stands for true happiness, perfect moments, and walking the line.
This is true love.

Download "Without you I'm nothing" (Hurry: this link will self-destruct in 7 days)


Ernesto said...

Hoy en clase te dije que cuándo volvías a postear; needless to say no había leído tu entrada de ayer.

Qué bueno que estás con nosotros, man.

Silent said...

Insisto: ¿Por qué diablos no puedo escribir más que con las tripas?